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The Simple Golf Swing

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Thanks for visiting our site. We put this resource together, not only to give golf tips for beginners but also deliver information for any golfer looking to rebuild their game.

Golf truly is a special game, it doesn’t favor people of any particular shape, size, age or athletic ability.  Golfers can practically start at any age and through handicapping play against golfers of varying abilities.  And no matter how well or how poorly you or your golfing partners play there is always something to work on.  And in the end you’re really only playing against yourself. Golf is not just a sport, its a journey and we’re pleased you’re letting us be part of your journey.

If you are just starting out on your golf journey you might want to look at the basic setup pages.  How you address or stand over the ball, how you align your body and club with the target and how you hold the club all have a major impact on how well your ball travels towards the pin.  Getting these right from the beginning can give you a great jump start to a better golf game.

If you are looking to improve a particular part of your game just browse the categories on the left. We are adding new articles all the time so feel free to bookmark this page.

Once again welcome to the site, golf is a process of small, and sometimes big, improvements. Thanks for letting us be a part of that process and we look forward to your continued golfing success.

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