10 Finger Golf Grip

The 10 Finger Golf Grip is a natural golf grip and is one the three most widely used grips in golf. Because the hands are not connected this grip gives the golfer a lot of freedom on how they release through the impact zone.  This grip is sometimes called the baseball grip because… well its like a baseball grip except the club is held in the fingers rather than the hands.

Often when golfers are starting out they will just automatically use this grip and for very young golfers some coaches encourage it because it is a more natural golf grip for a beginner. As long as the hands  are not driving the swing which tends to be the case in children the hands will tend to release through the impact zone of their own accord.

As we get older we tend to become more  dominant in one hand over the other. To stop one hand dominance and keep the hands working together through the impact zone most coaches encourage an interlocking or overlapping golf grip.

Golfers who have had success with the 10 finger golf grip tend to be natural ball strikers. That is they tend to release their hands naturally through the strike zone generating power with their legs and body and just using their arms and hands as connecting rods.

The biggest problem golfers have with the 10 finger golf grip is consistency of grip, that is holding the club exactly the same each time and also consistency of release, partly due to varying grip and also the unconnected nature of the grip.

As stated earlier most golf instructors encourage their students to use one of the connected grips but if you do decide to use the 10 finger golf grip just remember to keep the hands quiet for a more consistently straight shot.