Golf Fade – correcting a golf slice

Correcting a golf slice and turning it into a golf fade means that you can have a dependable controllable shaped shot that you can use on demand. The difference between a slice and a fade is all about degrees of turn. A slice, while it maybe controllable for some players, usually turns too much to make it a useful shot to use as your stock standard shot. It turns too much and also goes to high and not as far as other shots.

While the fade may not travel as far as comparative draw, it is a less risky shot in that if you don’t quite get it right you often won’t be badly penalized with position on the fairway.  A slightly mis hit draw on the other had can quickly become a bad hook. This is why so many tour professionals use the fade as their stock shot.

While you may sacrifice a little distance with a fade, this is made up with accuracy and height into the green. More height means a better chance of stopping the ball in the green rather than it running though.

So your goal as golfer who what to play better and take strokes off your round is to bring your big 90 degree rough finding slice into a small controllable slice. Anything under half a fairway width is okay, a quarter fairway width is better. If you err on the side of hitting the ball a little straighter of bending the ball a little more than you intended your not likely to be in to bad shape.