How to Break 90

In every beginner golfers life at some stage they want to know how to break 90. Depending on who you ask there will be a many different approaches. This is just one of them that fits in line with our “Lowering Your Handicap” series.

If you want to know how to break 90 then your game is in a state that probably needs general improvement across the board, so you will have to work on all areas of your game. If there is no one area that needs more attention than any other then the area to work on is your driving.

Breaking 90 requires that you play to an 17 handicap. That is you are allowed to have a double bogey or a two over on every hole except one and you will break 90.

To put yourself in a position that you can get on the green without wasting too many shots you need to have a good shot off the tee. Because at this time you are working on how to break 90 all parts of your game are going to bleed strokes. You may have a couple of three putts. You may have the odd chip into the green run off the back on land in a green side bunker. At this stage of your golfing journey these things will happen. You’re still working on your chipping and putting.

Having a good drive, or even a straight drive gives you the ability to get to the green in regulation (par – 2) more often. Even if you take an extra shot to get to the green you can still three putt and have a two over par. Keeping you drive in play is all about control.