Proper Golf Stance

The proper golf stance is the starting point to a great golf swing.  All too often golfers set themselves at cross purposes with a stance that is misaligned.  The feet are aligned one way, the knees another, the hips another and the shoulders and forearms yet somewhere else. Although it is possible to hit a good ball not having everything set up in the same direction, the ability to hit a ball consistently well, is very slim.

If you start with everything aligned then it is easier to find that stance every time. So lets start with the feet. The feet should be aligned parallel to the intended flight of the ball.

Golf Feet Setup

Figure 1

In figure 1 we have the setup for a 5 or 6 iron. The ball is positioned just in front of a line bisecting the two feet.  A line running along the toes is parallel with the intended flight of the ball. The feet in this instance are “a shoulders width” apart. The weight through each foot at address should be 50:50, the same through each foot and slightly to the balls of the feet. You don’t want to get stuck on your heels. For a person with perfect muscle balance this would be about right. The feet in this instance are flared about 10 degrees outwards. Most golfers however tend to have one side slightly stronger than the other so as  you align up the body you may end with slightly different flares to accommodate this.

Proper Golf Stance

figure 2

In figure 2 on the left we have added the knees and the pelvis (the yellow ovals). The important alignment here is that of the hips and this should be aligned with the feet parallel to the intended flight of the ball. You may have to make a small modification to the flare of the feet to get your pelvis to align. The knees are positioned in line with the balls of the feet. It is good to have the knees align parallel with the feet and hips also as this makes it easier to check your setup but many people have differing leg lengths so the important alignment to focus on here is that of the feet and hips. You may have to try flaring one foot more and the other less to get the desired result.

Proper Golf Stance 2

figurer 3

In figure 3 we have added the shoulders and the arms. The front of the shoulders should sit just proud of the feet and again should align parallel to the intended flight of the ball. Although not visible the right shoulder will be lower than the left to accommodate the forward  position of the hands that are in line with the ball and the fact that the right hand grips the club lower than the left hand.

In figure 4 we have simply added the head to the graphic. The head sits well forward of the toes and a line taken from the chin to the ground will have the hands a couple of inches inside that line. The head should sit equi-distance between the feet or slightly towards the back foot.

Proper Golf Stance 3

figure 4